Lenses Only offers a service you simply can’t find elsewhere – keep your frames and replace just your lenses.



It sounds simple enough – you like your frames but your lenses are damaged or your prescription is outdated. Can’t you just put new lenses in the frames you know and love? Well, due to the fact that most optical retailers make the majority of their profits from the sale of frames, and not lenses, the answer is almost always a resounding “NO”. And that is a shame for the consumer. But… what if you could buy “lenses only”?

That’s the question life-long friends Steven and Tom spent almost 20 years asking. With a deep background in the optical business, Tom understands what consumers want and need. Combine that with Steven’s executive business experience and entrepreneurial acumen and Lenses Only was born.

“I’m an entrepreneur at heart – it’s in my DNA.” Steven

Lenses Only believes in giving consumers the control to create their own value. We’re changing the way people buy eyewear. Lenses Only provides consumers with a previously unavailable option – we will just replace your lenses and you can keep your frames! And, we do it at competitive prices because we buy for less. And even though you pay less, you can count on top quality materials and service. All this, with the option to get your new glasses from the comfort of your own home – what could be more simple than that?

As Lenses Only owner Steven likes to say “I’m an entrepreneur at heart – it’s in my DNA.”

And Steven brings a wide variety of business skills to Lenses Only. With deep experience in executive human resources and in business development, Steve spent 30 years in corporate America as a human resource executive, working with notable companies like CIGNA, The Travelers and as the Global Human Resource Leader for Edible Arrangements. Steven then launched a private consulting practice specializing in strategic business planning and in all aspects of managing, developing and in acquiring top talent.

“Being an optician all my life – I know the business back and forth and every which way.” Tom

Today you’ll find Steven bringing his entrepreneurial spirit and detailed business knowledge to growing Lenses Only by ensuring that every customer gets to enjoy the great value we represent.

Lenses Only owner Tom tells of “being an optician all my life – I know the business back and forth and every which way.”

Tom launched his career as an apprentice optician in 1985. Starting in the lab and working his way, Tom moved to the sales floor and learning the “ins and outs” of making, selling and fitting glasses, picking up a working knowledge of every aspect of the optical business.  Eventually he moved into management and as district manager at BJ’s Optical and was responsible for a $12 million region comprised of 20 optical stores.Tom is an expert optician in every sense of the word, his knowledge in every component of the business ensures that our customers will get exceptional advice, products and services.

The third Lenses Only partner is Steve. Steve handles marketing, and is a 30-year marketing veteran, was previously Chief Marketing Officer for franchise companies Green Home Solutions and Edible Arrangements International, having helped grow the latter to its current position as a major gift category retailer, with almost 1300 locations worldwide.  Earlier in his career, Steve held marketing positions for NY promotion agency b.little + Co., Valassis Communications and Subway World Headquarters. He handles Lenses Only marketing, merchandising and e-commerce.

Stop by either the Bloomfield or Hartford, CT location of Lenses Only and say hello to Tom and Steven. If you’re looking for a new way to buy glasses and save money, you’ll be glad you did. Or, buy online and rest assured you’ll receive the same great service.

Where lenses are always on sale.