The advantages of buying glasses online are many. Convenience and speed aside, online retailers can offer eyeglasses at deep discounts. But buying glasses online can seem daunting. Here are a few tips to make your online glasses buying experience successful and stress free.

Start with an up-to-date prescription

The rule of thumb for an updated prescription is 2 years for adults and 1 year for younger individuals. If your prescription is out-of-date or if you’re feeling like your current prescription isn’t working so well anymore, visit a local optical shop to get a new one.
When you have your eye exam, the optometrist should give you a copy of the prescription whether or not you ask for it.

Measure your pupillary distance (PD)

Pupillary distance (PD) is the distance between your pupils, measured in millimeters. PD generally falls between 54 and 68 mm.

PD is important because the optical center of eyeglass lenses gives you the truest vision and this part should be directly in front of your pupils. The eyeglasses lab must know your PD to correctly position the lenses on your glasses.

If you’re starting with an eye exam, be sure to ask the optometrists to measure your PD and write the number in your prescription. Some eye doctors may omit PD because it gives customers the ability to shop online, so double check that you’re given the information.

If you’re using your current prescription and do not know your PD, you can use our PD calculator at checkout when you purchase glasses from Lenses Only.

Choose the right frames for your face shape

Faces are categorized in some general shapes. Below is a breakdown the of the glasses frames that a suitable for the these categories.

  • Heart/Diamond – characterized by strong broad cheekbones, a larger forehead and a narrow chin. Find a pair of glasses with similar angles. Rounder shaped frames with a wider top than bottom should create a nice contrast.
  • Round – characterized by a rounded forehead and a circular face. Select frames that are wider than they are tall. Rectangular frames add structure, elongating your face.
  • Square – if you have a square face and jaw, you need to soften the face’s natural angularity. Softer, rounder frames balance the stark angles of your face.
  • Oval – The enviable oval shape can rock almost any style of eyeglasses. Your best bet is a pair of symmetrical glasses, with a rigid structure but also softness with a round bottom.
  • When shopping for frames with LensesOnly you can also use our “Try It On” feature. Just upload a photo of your face and position the frames on the photo to see how they’ll look on you.

Be sure to buy the right size frames

Fashion is important, but making sure your glasses are properly positioned in front of your eyes is key.

If you already have a pair of glasses that fit you, check the measurements written on the inside arm of the frame or just behind the nose bridge. The numbers represent the following measurements:

  • Eye size – the horizontal width of the lens, a two-digit number in the 40 – 62mm range.
  • Bridge size – the horizontal distance between the two lenses, a two-digit number in the 14 – 24mm range.
  • Temple size – the length of the arm piece, a three-digit number in the 120 – 165mm range.

These measurements are listed in the product pages for each pair of frames at Lenses Only.

How To Put These Tips To Good Use

With these helpful tips, you should be able to find frames that you love with lenses that work properly for your eyes, all at fraction of retail prices. Get started today buy browsing the frames available at Lenses Only!

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